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February 13, 2009


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Sybil Law

Job - :)
Non blogging - :(


Glad things are better at work.
don't even want to think about the waxing. eeeeekkkkk'
and sad to see you not blog, but totally understand. :)

Anglophile Football Fanatic

I hope you decide to keep at it. It's really great therapy.


:( I will miss you. I have enjoyed your blog. I have ordered from Zenni and have told a bunch of others. What a GREAT site! I was wondering where they came from. China, you say? Interesting. Take care and I will miss your updates.

Shelly O'Reilly


The waxing? You, my dear, are a brave soul. I'd be afraid that it would take waaaay too much tequila to get me in there, but, still...for a spa day, it might be worth it.

The job? Glad to hear that is coming around. It just takes time, doesn't it? Good luck.

The non-blogging? oh Man! Though I totally understand, I'm going to miss you and your blog. I have you on my "joke" list so will include you when I e-mail.
I do hope you come back soon.
Come and visit me, are always welcome!!


Good luck! I'll miss you! I hope it just gets better for you!

Nice on the wax job! I love getting waxed.

Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger

OH NOW I'M SAD!!! although i feel BOTH less guilty (for being so behind) and MORE guilty (for not knowing sooner!)

i hope things are going really well for you. :) :) you'll be missed!

i'm going to drink an *extra* malibu tonight to cope with the news. (that's your only hint as to who i am)

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canada ladies

Well I thought after a year you'll gonna comeback and made some updates here in your site. Looks like you totally abandoned your site here. Too bad many follower's including me misses you now

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