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January 09, 2009


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Good for you for marking as read..with all you having going on in your life you do not need to add this..

I hope you find your groove sooner than later.. I know how hard that is.. good luck.. :)


Good luck. It'll be old hat before you know it!!

San Diego Momma

I feel for you! I can't imagine starting a new job right now, after working for myself for a few years.

I know you'll be in a routine soon enough, but meanwhile, get extra sleep and eat well.

Also, I guess a drink or two wouldn't hurt?

Anglophile Football Fanatic

I hate to say it, but I generally found it so much easier to work with men than women. Good luck. I know you will find your groove.


Awwww, I'm so sorry the first week was rough, Lori! *hugs* Take it a day at a time...


Good luck.. the transition is always tough. Remember it takes TIME.. takes at least 6 months to figure it out and 6 months to get it straight! It's never easy!

debbie's been a's it going? Better? I hope so! and like everyone else has takes time...just remember to breathe...nod your head but take mental notes of all that you want to slowly change in the next year...You will soon find your niche there and they will recognize you as a vital part of their organization!!
Hang in there!!
{{hugs}} to you!

Sybil Law

Time to have another party, with lots of drinking involved!!!
It'll get better.
I know exactly the type, though, with the lady who doesn't like help. I hate those bitches. :)

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