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December 31, 2008


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Anglophile Football Fanatic

Take deep breaths. All changes are tough and filled with trepidation. Good luck. And, I have some xanex if you need them.


Oh, I do know of what you speak! Hang in's hard, but...your friends will be your friends, no matter where you are and they are always just a phone call or e-mail or blog post away!
Go ahead, be is good...great things await you at your new job...maybe even some great new friends!!
And men? yeah, they won't ever get it...thank goodness you have us to offer support!! :-D
Happy New Year to you and yours...may the 'year of the cow' be a great one for ALL of us!!

Jessica Moore

Good luck tomorrow!!


Good luck...on work and teenage issues!! I am dreading when Katlyn is a teenager!!


I know how hard it is to leave people you care about.. knowing that the future will limit when/how you see them. You should be sad, you should grieve, you are walking away from a large part of your life for many years and are leaving part of yourself there.

Its ok to cry.

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