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December 08, 2008


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Jessica C

Their Truffles look so yummy.I have never had sees candies before


I love chocolate! I've never had See's candies (being on the east coast) and they look scrumptious! Their dark chocolate mints look divine, the egg nog truffles sound yummy, and the assorted chocolates, well, let's just say I love assorted chocolates! Can you tell I have a sweet tooth! lol

Michelle B

The Cafe Au Lait truffles. It has always been the cafe Au Lait truffles for me! LOL!


They also give you a discount if you are a county employee :)

emily paulson

Is it the most ironic thing ever that I'm EATING A butterscotch lollypop right now???? Although that happens pretty often so maybe it's not all that ironic ;)


Geez, if I didn't already love you enough - now you're giving away chocolate?? LOL

Ok, I'd probably go with either a truffle assortment or dark chocolate assortment. Some of those candy bars look pretty amazing too, though. I pretty much want everything! :)



I love their lollipops. It would be a lollipop box for me.


My grandmother LOVES See's. We used to live in Cali, so she became addicted to it then. Her fave is the Nuts & Chews assortment. :)


I don't even have to look at the site to know what I love! They have a really good maple truffle/nougat (not sure what category that is in) and I love the dark chocolate mint patties!

Corey~ living and loving

ooooo love See's. :)
I love dark chocolate. the marshmints look interesting.


Um, what would I NOT love?! Dear heaven help me. I would pick something dark chocolate-y because that is the best, best, best thing ever created by God or man.


I'm with Laura on this. Either the truffle assortment, or the dark chocolate assortment. :)

Living on the East coast/Midwest/South my whole life, I've never experienced See's goodness. But I *have* heard many a rave from my West Coast friends...


Thanks for doing this!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Everyone should definitely have some See's in their life. Not me though--it would conflict with the whole point of the Wii Fit!


I have never heard of See's I must try... please consider this my lucky entry.. ((crossing fingers I win))

Mary Jenkins

Their California brittle sounds amazing! I used to love See's chocolate suckers, but they weren't available in my area so I would have my friend in California send them to me!


Although I'd be tempted to try the Red Hot Swamp Goo, I'd really want the Dark Chocolate Assortment. If I were being really nice, I'd order something sugar free for my diabetic hubby :-)

Tina B

Ooooo I LUV dark chocolate! The Marshmints look really tasty!


OMG I love See's Candy! I love the cafe latte lollipops and the pecan things...I can't remember what they are called haha. Kinda like turtles. YUM!


I old back from commenting on this, for a few reasons. Being a nurse, at this time of year, a good amount of the patients, or their families, choose to thank us with boxes of See's chocolate death. We have a booth that sells all these items RIGHT IN THE LOBBY. And we are a teeeeeny tiiiiiny hospital. So, sacreligious as it sounds, by new years? I'm sick of Mrs. See.
I totally think you should send some out to the East Coast Peeps, though, especially her English Toffee. When I buy it for myself, thats what I get.

Jessica Moore

After living there for almost 2 years I never tried their candy. But after looking I think the truffles look the best. Yum!!


I'm an assortment kind of gal!! That is so cool Lori!!

Susan Roach

Mmm, the Toffee-ettes sound very yum!


Being from the east coast... I haven't had See's candies.. what a great opportunity to try them.. they look freaking awesome!!!


The dark chocolate mints and bark - the dark chocolate assortment...mmmm! The asst. are fun because you never know what you're getting! I never met a chocolate I didn't like. I'm on the East Coast, too, so never heard of them. Would love to win this!


sees candy is soooo dangerous. i can not get out of that shop in any less than $20, and it is my one diet-wrecker. ooooh thank bob there is not a shop in the uk. i would die with a butterscotch sucker sticking out of my mouth.

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