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November 14, 2008


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Sending lots of hugs! Can you ask the company who are going to employ you to sort it out? 4 months is ludicrous. They are arsing you around!

Sorry about the woman's problems. I hope it will be nothing.

Much love...

Sybil Law

I'd totally be calling about the job. That's fricking ridiculous!
I hear you on the funk. I am kinda that way myself. Maybe we both need some Calgon! Or... champagne! I vote for the champagne. :)
Hope it gets better! And of course it will, but I hope it happens soon.



How annoying to deal with job issues and stupid billing issues!

The best way I find to curb spending is to only carry a small amount of cash and put my credit cards where they're hard to get to. But I stress spend too, so I totally understand.

As for making Christmas presents, I'm supposed to, that was part of the deal when dh bought me my expensive sewing machine last spring, but I really don't fel like I hve the time!


Hope the funk passes soon.

And you reminded me why I've put off going to the dentist for so long! My teeth get so sensitive afterwards. Dentists are of the devil.


This too shall pass. haha did I sound grown up??

Take some time for youself and have the kids do the same. Time alone works wonders for the soul.


I'm a stress spender too. It annoys me greatly but I'm doing a little better these days.


I feel you on the funk. Its here too.

If you find something that works with the kids let me know.

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