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November 17, 2008


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Sybil Law

That, or else they're thinking, "That old mom doesn't volunteer for crap!"! Haha!
I'd say I am about the same age as most of the moms. We're all cool.
Cool ain't a number, baby.


I am the old, antisocial mom. He he he.

Jessica Moore

I'm am generally the youngest in the mom groups I join, and I catch flack for it. But now that I'm getting closer to 30 I'm not feeling AS young. I think it's cool that you are both the young mom and the older mom at the same time - multitasking. :)


Back in small town OK, one of my biggest adjustments is being one of the oldest moms of preschool/toddlers. It's kind of a bummer . . . but maybe it will pay off when the girls are older and someone had to bake the class cupcakes! ;)


I am still figuring out the 'mom' role I find myself in. (step mom that is). I am the same age as most of her friends mom, thankfully

Mary Ann

Ancient...haha! Those are some funny observations. I never thought of it that way!


I can totally relate. Even though we were 24/25 when we had Kaitlin we were the youngest in our prenatal group. We were the young, fresh parents when kindergarten started. Having had Skylar at age 35, I'm noticing a huge difference. I'm the "older" parent. I'm not part of the "group" or clique anymore, not invited into conversations,etc. I guess I'll have to deal with it and make the best of it as long as it doesn't affect Skylar's social life. :) At least I try to be hip and fresh and don't dress too dowdy.


Crap I should have said I was 38 when I had Sky. Yikes, the age thing is really creeping up on me now. :(

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