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October 29, 2008


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I'm totally the same way. But it does drive me nuts that they never do what you 'suggest'! then why the hell did you bother to ask!???

You are a good DIL! They must just totally adore you and love being aruond you for this to keep going on.

Trenches of Mommyhood

I have in-law issues myself, so I can only offer my sympathy and say that YOU ARE RIGHT.

Sybil Law

The word NO is not a four letter word.
I'd tell them to get lost. But I am way more a hardass with WAY worse in-laws than you. :D


FWIW, I don't think you are being a bit crazy. Saturdays totally have to be your time. ESPECIALLY since they aren't going to take your advice anyway. No good.

Corey~living and loving

you are totally NOT crazy. that would drive me crazy! I would totally NOT do it. seriously.....that sucks!


UGH!! I hate it when something like that happens!! I've learned that counting very slowly and just breathing helps me keep my temper in control. It's all a part of the "gaman" idea...."putting up with something" that is so strong in Japanese culture.
The things we do, huh?
Hang in there...and pick out a really ugly couch...see what they say!!! :-D

San Diego Momma


Even though it's SO natural for you to be bugged by this (as I, and any normal human would be), it's touching that they value your opinion so much.

Their intentions are good! EVEN IF they are completely irritating.

Jo Beaufoix

Yep, I'd be really annoyed too. Could they email you a pic instead??

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