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October 06, 2008


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Papaya Mom

They do that one on Travis every few years - they want to know the stuff for records but RARELY does anyone not get clearance based on a family member. Mostly they just want to ask you hard questions to show you can be honest about them!

Go Lori!


I'm sure a lot if it is to just make sure you're an honest person, and you'll pass that with flying colors. I hope it all works out!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I hope it works out.

I'm not really interested in reliving my wild child days with anyone either. Although I did have to disclose a misdemeanor arrest at age 18 for my teaching credential background check. Apparently the 26 years of clean living since then stood me in good stead. I'm sure it will be the same for you.


Wow. That's nuts. Did they take blood, hair and fingernail samples too??

Best of luck!!!


I'm sure they know all that stuff already, and want to see if you're honest about it. A simple background check would show that stuff up. I hope it works out! xx

Sybil Law

To let you know, I have a friend in the FBI right now, and they went and talked to everyone in her past. Well, not everyone, but definitely some people, including her ex boyfriend (one of my best friends). Oddly enough, they did NOT come to me. We were freaking nuts - I mean drugs and partying like rock stars nightly. I seriously don't know how she got in the FBI! (Plus, she couldn't really keep a secret!) But she's in - and has been for years now.
You'll be fine. Seriously. If she could get in the FBI, with her wild past, anyone can!

Jo Beaufoix

Blimey, they don't tend to ask stuff like that over here. Mad. I'm sure you'll be fine though hon. Hugs.


I'm sure they just ask you to fill out the questionnaire for their own entertainment on cold and boring nights.


oh man...that sounds horribly stressful.
I'm crossing my saggy boobs that it will soon be over and you'll have the job.


everybody makes mistakes, and if that kept them out of stuff, no one would be in anything.

wow. i am SO profound. is the room swirling for you?

frig. i had such great high hopes for this comment.

i picked the wrong day to stop sniffin glue...

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