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October 01, 2008


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Wow, that's weird- I was looking at old pics today and even posted a few on Facebook! Would love to see yours!! :-D

Sybil Law

Oooh - friend me on Facebook!
I know what you mean. It really does explode like that, doesn't it?!
Now I am impatiently waiting for pictures...

Mike from the Newborn Identity

Facebook is totally taking over the world. Why can't I invent something like that? The guy or gal who invented it must loaded, don't you think?

San Diego Momma

I haven't found many high school friends on Facebook yet...maybe it's because we're all too freaking old for technology? Hope not.

Soon to be 40,

Jo Beaufoix

Hee hee, fun. I live seeing what people are doing now. Can't wait to see those pics Lori.

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