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September 02, 2008


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Sybil Law

I hear you on the reader front! Sometimes it's like people just went all fricking nuts and posted posted posted! It can be super hard to catch up!
Prayers for the friend - done. :)
Background checks - that means, be good in the meantime!
Nice job on the cleaning. If you are pregnant - whoooa, Nellie. :D
Date night - nice!
Coupons - don't even get me started. I suck with coupons.
Looking forward to the political post!
(I think I covered everything!)

Sybil Law

Where is my long comment?!!

manager mom

You know, this is actually the first election that I am really torn, and should be paying extra attention to all of the coverage, but I can't yet. I'm still tired from the primaries.


wow.. sounds like super busy you!

I love that mark as read button.. but I too go back and read how can I not?

Date night is fun.

Jo Beaufoix

Blimey Lori, you are cleaning at a place you're going to leave? Mad woman. Looking forward to the political post (though I a so not political), and sending good thoughts for your friend.


I wanna know about the deals. Maybe that could be a whole new blog!! LOL

Your friend will be in our prayers. You are a good friend Lori.


i am only sane because of the 'mark as read' button. some nights you just have to look after yourself...

i need to use coupons more, but it requires a whole new level of organization i don't have the time for. sigh.


Your friend is in my thoughts!
I use mark as read a lot. Just today, as a matter of face. :)


Face. Damn I'm dumb.
I meant FACT. :)

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