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September 17, 2008


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I think mom is wrong.


i am totally caught out! those shoes are NOT garish! :)

and yeah, i don't see it. you look intelligent to me. you look like a person who knows what the vice president may or may not do.

and knows that your nearest foreign neighbour is not russia...

Sybil Law

Well, apparently a lot of people think Palin is hot, so it could be worse!
But I don't see it. You're way hotter than her.
Who said your shoes were garish?!


NOTHING... N.O.T.H.I.N.G like hers.


Aw, Lori, you're beautiful! Nothing like Sarah Palin, MUCH prettier and just generally better in every way!!!! :-p


Also, your "recent visitors" map either doesn't count me, or thinks I live somewhere else- too funny! I DO read all the time! :-)


Oh...I do love those shoes!!! And garish? No way!! She must be using a different definition of that word, 'cause in my book, those are absolutely NOT garish, but way nice!!

The glasses may resemble Sarah's, look nothing like are way better looking...hey...maybe I'll write YOUR name in on my absentee ballot!! :-D you know...because you've got great shoes, and all!!
(and really, could I use "way" just a few more times, you think?!?!)

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