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September 12, 2008


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what a big pile of dumbasses go to these games!!! holy cow!!!

it's time to teach carissa how to accidentally throw the ball at someone in the stands. *accidentally* . . .

Sybil Law

Oh my, hahahahahaha. I deal with parents yelling at my 6 year old's soccer games, too. Only, they yell at the kids, and some of them get mean! I don't mind as much when they yell at the referees - because some of the ref's are stupid as shit. Once, we had a ref texting the whole game.
Anyway, I know what you mena, though. I so would've been pointing my finger at the loser who was yelling. :D

Sybil Law

(The middle finger.)

Corey~living and loving

oh man....I am soooooooo not ready for stuff like that. It gets my blood boiling. argh.


My dad was that dumbass when I was growing up, I HATED playing sports.

Mike from the Newborn Identity

The only thing worse than middle school bullies are middle school bullie's dads!

San Diego Momma

My dad used to be the dumb ass, so now that I'm a parent, I've vowed to NOT be a dumb ass.

Fingers crossed!


Wow!! I bet that made for an...err....interesting game!!

Jo Beaufoix

What a git. I would definitely tell on him next time. Grrrr.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I've found the tide has turned and people that act like idiots are getting called out--I think Parent's Codes of Conduct are a great idea.

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