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August 13, 2008


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*I* belong to church of starbucks. ROCK ON C-O-S!!! blessed is thy chai!

as for spirituality. hmm...that i provide myself. :)

it really depends on what you're looking for.

i notice you say "excuse." why do you need an excuse for living your life your way? only you can say what is right for you.

i am more spiritual now than i ever was as a church attendee (except, of course, c-o-s).


Sooo...this group of friends you mention..would they be REAL or just psycho internet peeps? :wink: haha! I just wanted to say (again) how nice it's been to be so honest in our discussion! :huggy: It sure has made me think!


I don't, for MANY of the same reasons as you. I don't have a science background, but I also don't have blind faith.

When you find the place that fits all of the things you want, let me know, ok? I'll meet you there...even on a Sunday. :)


I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Also know as, the Mormon church.

I love my church and really believe it is God's true church on earth.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

I was raised Catholic. Hubby was raised Protestant. We got married in a Presbyterian church and then joined one after we were married in SC.

Up here in MA, we haven't quite found our niche. And it doesn't help that Eldest plays Pop Warner football and his games are on Sunday mornings.

Hubby's parents are very religious, so he catches a lot of guilt from them that we don't attend.

And, like you, Sundays are practically our only family time. I relish that.

I also think you can be spiritual without attending church.


I play racquetball. I was a catholic school girl, I've had enough church.


Amen sister Lori! I could have written that post except I was raised Catholic and Mike was Mormon. Neither of those appeal to us at all. Mike says he belongs to the church of the NFL. Someday we will find a curch.

Jessica Moore

Neither Eric nor I are believers in organized religion. He isn't spiritual at all. I think you can be spiritual and have beliefs that aren't rooted in church. I was raised in a very open minded house and taught about different world religions...and I don't think there is any "right" one.

So, to answer the original questions...we do family stuff on Sunday. No church for us. We usually take the time to really cook breakfast and eat together, and work on getting things done around the house. And if I am lucky I get to have some "me time" which is better for my soul and family than anything else I can think of.


You know me well enough to know my answers to your questions at the end. :) I hope you find a church community that fits exactly what you're looking for. I think the key is not so much to look for a church that shares an overall exact set of beliefs with you, but rather one where you feel comfortable with the core belief system, and where you know that your individual beliefs (about evolution, etc.) will be respected and supported. One of the things I appreciate about my church is that I can be sitting next to someone on Sunday morning who has complete opposite political views than I do, or feels differently about other minor aspects of faith, but we're still a part of the same church family, and those things just aren't all *that* important in the grand scheme of things, KWIM?


Lori, You always have very interesting sometimes deep posts. I really love that about you. You know that I was raised Mormon. And still am very Mormon for that matter. There was a time when I didn't know what I wanted and tried other things. I think we all have to find out for ourselves what we are comfortable with. Only God knows our true heart.

Mike from the Newborn Identity

The one thing I would have to say is not to feel guilty for however you feel. In this country we judge people too much... love Jesus? You're a Jesus freak! Athiest? You're going to hell! Muslum? You're a terrorist!

I wish we could all step back and let people do what they feel without judging, you know?

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