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August 22, 2008


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Well I agree with you 110% about kids & sports. I played sports until highschool when I got a job. I think it was great. Sure, sometimes it was hard, and got in the way of things I wanted to do more, but those are the times that taught me that I had a commitment and my team was counting on me because I had a role! It used to make me SO angry when we would encourage my stepdaughter to get involved in something (bowling was the best we could get her to do) and then her mother wouldn't follow through to get her there or whatever and then allowed her to quit in the middle. Caden starts Tball in Oct and I'm SO excited. I certainly won't expect much from my 3 year old, but he will finish the season and if he decides he doesn't want to do it again, then we'll move onto something else!

Oh and Xander... So So funny dancing! A couple times I thought he was going to get tangled up in his legs!!! lol


see, I never liked playing, myself. I tried softball. I got too nervous at bat. Then I discovered the flute. And fell in love. I was in the band from 6th grade all the way through 12th. I got a piccolo, and then joined a drum and fife corps as well. Everything you described about sports, I found in band. I will grant you, it is not the most physically strenuous activity, but there is value to it, as well. Mustang Girl is not a sport person, either. She likes Cross Country, and may well do that this next year, but we shall see...


Those are really good thoughts! Mark and I both participated in sports through elementary/middle school, and then made a switch to marching band, which was fairly high exertion as well, and had the same elements of teamwork, commitment, discipline, etc.

We definitely want to try out different extra-curriculars with our kids while they're young (music, art, sports) and see what they pick up and run with. Those things were some of the highlights of my childhood! :)

Jessica Moore

Well, I do agree that it's important for kids to be involved and active. I don't agree that they have to do sports. I am not athletic. I would've hated doing any type of sport. I was however in band all through middle school and high school an into college. I loved it and I was good at it.

For our kids, we will definitely require they be involved in something, but not necessarily sports. It can be sports if they want, or chorus, or newspaper, or band or whatever.

Elijah would like to run track. But that's not really available for his age. He's gonna start soccer soon, which I've assured him involves lots of running. :) Lincoln already loves baseball and basketball, so I don't think it will be hard to get him into sports.


I should add that we also require them to do one artisic thing each year (band, art, etc.) too. Maybe once they start high school they can make an informed decision to stop playing sports, but at this point we push it so that they actually will HAVE the opportunity in high school, if they so choose.


I would like my kids to be involved in something too. I was a band geek in high school and met some of my closest friends. I think it also helps keep them from getting bored and getting in trouble.

Corey~living and loving

I say you are on the right track.

I also think kids are less likely to get into trouble the busier they are. :) and school work is usually better because they don't procrastinate so much.

Absurdly Yours

It is a requirement in my house. I grew up playing every sport and my dad coaching most of the time. This created a wonderful family bond. Since we moved to a college town over a year ago, my kids have been on a swim team. They LOVE it. My son and been so inspired by Michael Phelps this month, especially since he is ADHD.

Jo Beaufoix

I totally agree too. Miss E does basketball after school as well as drama and cricket, and both her and Miss M have swimming lessons.
I really want them to develop the love of sport that I never had and be healthier people. I don't mind if they're good, as long as they enjoy it then I encourage them to stick with it and do their thang.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I feel exactly the same way. Although if I had a kid that wasn't athletic at all I would say that you could achieve similar results with a dedication to music, art or theatre.

The point is to learn discipline and commitment. Spending part of every day in physical activity is definitely a must.


Very interesting.. from the no kids lady.. I have to say I was forced and I mean dragged kicking and screaming to play sports.

It was humiliting. I was the only 3rd grader with boobs and the boys knew it and when no one was looking they would chase me to see them bounce.

Humiliating. I have two left feet and am not sports inclined in anyway. I made an ass of myself the few minutes I didn't have to sit on the bench. When I begged my parents to stop making me go I was told "Suck it up!"

I am not a fan of forcing children to join sports teams unless they want to.

I watch a lot of sports, just not a participant.

Sybil Law

I have the same attitude as you. Gilda has done ballet and soccer (still doing soccer), and pretty soon she'll be taking piano lessons.
I also like sports because they help wear your kids out, so they sleep better at night!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood

I think organized sports are important. But I hate how everything is so PC nowadays. Everyone wins! Nobody loses! Guess what? Real life isn't that way.

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