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August 11, 2008


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OMG! I could have written this post word for word! I am giddy with excitement over the Olympics and watch nearly every minute of prime time coverage. And yes, the backstories are the best! So inspiring. I love it how the world comes together for these games too. I just love it all!


actually, the olympics is the one thing i am looking forward to being on my tele.

i still may forget to go in that room and *watch* (i so love that the tv has its own room that i am not often in), but hey, you just never know...


I couldn't agree more! What got me about the little kid who walked with Yao was the the reason he went back in to save kids was because he was the hall monitor. How sweet is that?

I'm exhausted from staying up to watch everything but it's totally worth it. I can handle the lack of sleep once every four years! Or, um, every two years, I guess. I'm a winter olympics junkie too.



I'm an Olympics whore, too. Have been ever since I was little, when I used to pretend to be Olga Korbut on the wide footboard "balance beam" of my parents' bed.

Absurdly Yours

I love having insomnia during the olympics because I always have something to watch in the middle of the night. The backstories are so inspiring. Great post!

Mike from the Newborn Identity

I so wanted the Israeli swimmer kid whose dad died the night before his event to win a medal. His sister was rooting him on in the stands...being his family what with Dad deceased and Mom dealing with funeral stuff. He didn't medal, but had his best time ever. was a dramatic...hope he and his sis found the Olympics a good experience despite the tragedy

Mary Ann

I love the Olympics too. I must admit the back stories are one of my favorite aspects of the Olympics too. I am always sad when the Olympics are over!

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