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August 25, 2008


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debbie!! "Never too old to rock and roll" is my motto!! I do love a little fun like that...but, I'm with you on the 'recovery time' does take a little longer, doesn't it!!
I've decided to act 10 years younger than I am...because, I'm sorry, my mental image of a 46 year old IS NOT ME!!! :-D
Margaritas, shots and burning up the dance floor...honey..i do wanna party with you sometime!!!
(but then leave ample "relax time" the next day, okay? okay.)


ah ha ha haha ha ha... you party animal you


Well what fun is that!

Jo Beaufoix

Babe, I am your age, we are young ok? ;D


if you're jo's age, i'm older than you. and i'm VERY VERY VERY YOUNG, young lady!!!

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