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August 06, 2008


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So wonderfully written. Like you were in my head. I am honored to have you as a REAL friend.


I love this, Lori. And I love you! I've totally stopped saying "online friend" when I talk about one of you girls, both because I get the air quotes too, and because it doesn't seem like a necessary distinction anymore. A real friend is a real friend, and you are as real as it gets!


Love you like a sister, too, Lori. And you are quite right. You guys are some of the very, very best friends I have ever had or could ever have. Yeah, my situation sucks, but I am able to smile because of YOU all, you have given me such strength and such love. I can never being to repay you all...but I know I don't have to, because that's what REAL friends are for. Love you.


it is only understood once you *do* this. nobody really gets it if they don't. people *certainly* don't get taking funky pictures for the blog. it's VERY much like having kids. you don't *get* it until you have them.

oh i can't take it anymore! fine fine fine fine fine! i'm really a 50 year old perverted man with man boobs. wanna go out?


Yeah man. I see my friends and families eyes glaze over when I even mention the word blog. They are missing out on sooo much!


I came here for a gander after reading Suzy's blog. Dunno what you girls are up to, but it sounds like people should be meeting in dark alley's and swapping brown paper bags with "Goods" and "Money" written on them!

You summed up a lot about how I feel about my friends online. I recently moved from Ireland (where I know Suzy from) to New Zealand on the other side of the planet. Now all my touchable friends are as real as my online friends, so if someone tells me that they don't exist I'd be rather put out to say the least! Suzy not existing? Inconceivable!!

My wife posts to a few boards and one of them started a thread called "Real people" where, when 2 or more people from the board got together, they'd take a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper saying "Real people" on it, so you'd know they weren't 50 year old perverts.

Oh and Suzy, if you're reading this, I've only got 21 years to my 50th birthday... ;-)


Ok, can I tell you how much I love this post!??!!???

You are so totally right about all of it, I feel so priveledged to be a part of a group of very, very real friends.

Oooh, and I totally want to go to BlogHer09! Wouldn't that be a blast????


My best friend is someone I met through blogging, and she and I didn't meet for over a year. I also host a huge Halloween party each year and invite all of my blogger friends to come so that everybody can put faces with the names.

Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma)

What a great post Lori! ((hugs))

Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children

I know exactly what you mean. My husband and I are going to Chicago this weekend to hang out with one of my online friends. I hope he'll finally see that these online people are REAL.


Awwwwwww, I love this, Lori! I'm so glad you wrote this up. Like Laura, I've also just stopped saying "online friends" or "message board friend" because it somehow demeans the relationship for those who don't get it. I've made some dear and wonderful friends through blogging, but NO ONE knows me as well as our mommy board friends. hee hee.

Definitely, definitely you guys are my real friends, and like you, I was just overwhelmed to see everyone come together for Suzy.

Thanks again for writing this up. If I can keep from having another baby in the coming year, maybe I'll join you at BlogHer 09! ;)

San Diego Momma

I so get it. I just started blogging regularly this year, and already I've made amazing friends that I'd do nearly anything for.

I hope all goes well for Suzy. She's lucky to have friends like you.


WOOHOO! Yes! I know that feeling! People who don't do this just don't understand.

I tried to explain Twitter to someone, disaster.

Hope Suzy likes her surprise! Can't wait to find out what it is.


i know ALL about what you are saying.
mine was ivillage- expecting club for April 2005.. and after the dramas we moved.. a couple moves later we have a small board of VERY close friends.

we have lost children, parents, grandparents.. had weddings- had at least a dozen more babies..
divorces.. marital betrayals.. addictions- poverty.. celebrations.. over coming hardships.. and I swear the positives would not have been so beautiful and the negatives would have been devastating if not for our online friends.

They ARE my friends- I discuss their lives.. I dream about them and cry with them.. i laugh and get angry -all of it.

I have seen the *IRL* (in real life) short form before.. and I say every time...

THIS.. this right here IS my real life.
and it is a better one because of the friends I have made on the net.

Sybil Law

Well, I'm not 50, or a man, but I am a pervert. Can we go out for drinks sometime?!
You're awesome. And so correct - people are such dorks when you talk about a friend you know mainly from being online. I don't even differentiate how I know people when I talk about them - because the looks you get...


I love this post. My sentiments exactly.

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