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August 04, 2008


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oh i am SO going to send you on a link scavenge hunt JUST because i CAN...

no, i like you. i won't torture you...


Corey~living and loving

most of yours....are mine as well. I have issues...major bloggity issues. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Sybil Law

Most of my issues are also the same as yours. I am telling you, we could SO hang out!

Mary Ann

I subscribe to too many blogs! I have mine organized too by people I know, couponing, etc...I need to unsubscribe to some though because it is getting really hard to keep up. I find that I read the people I know the most and then the random crafty things once in awhile. I love reading blogs though!

Absurdly Yours

I have a lot of the same issues. I have tried skipping reading the comments, but I can't do it. I wonder if there is therapy for this?


I pretty much have the same issues. Have a great day!


Yeah...I'm thinking we should start a club or something because all your "things you do" are pretty much mine too!!
Except, I "write" blogs in my head while I'm in the car...I spend so much time going from class to class...I have a special notebook to jot down notes if I happen to be at a red light when a post idea hits me!!!


I have some similar issues. However, I will write out posts in my head at night, and then can't remember them the next morning. It bothers me all day too!


I think I've found my twin! :D

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