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July 18, 2008


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I totally agree, Lori! Very, very well said...

Deb Legg

Thanks for posting that. I wish Virginia had a similar law. There are a few, very few, that post the information voluntarily. Those are the places I spend my 'eat out' money.


I think its a great idea. Those getting their panties in a bunch may be feeling some guilt over their dietary habits...


I think that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!!!!!!!!! I would surely benefit from it, seeing as how I'm still a newbie in learning my low-carb diet!


ooooooh yeah. i couldn't agree with you more.

i carry around my pocket (ish) sized weight watchers food book, and when i go out to eat (rarely) i try to go to one of the restaurants in the w/w restaurant book. but it is a complete pain in the tuckus. if restaurants even had *one* menu version which listed the values, i'd eat out more!!!

but i'd probably still only be allowed the salad. sigh.

starbucks has 80 calorie cookies?!?!?! we wantee!!!

i mean... um...i don't eat cookies.


Corey~living and loving

great post. so true. People just want to be in denial....not a good thing.

good for New York. I hope it spreads.


laws don't work. hello, speed limits?

also, many places already have a sheet with the calories etc., for their food. you just have to ask.

I think the best way to get places to publicize the calorie counts etc, is to ask for it, and to frequent the places that do. consumers don't realize how much power they have.

Sybil Law

Wow. It amazes me to no end what bothers people. I don't care about calories and all that stuff, but it sure as hell won't kill me if I SEE it!
Although I did see somewhere where they were saying that even the restaurants' caloric counts were way off - on the low side, of course.
Anyway, people suck!


Personally, I think some people just need to bitch about something to feel matter how stupid it sounds!!

I noticed that a few of the 'family-style' places here have started putting the calories of items on the menus (but, here, it's not "calories" is "energy"...that sounds almost too positive, doesn't it?? Go for the ice cream, it has more energy!!)
I like having that option when ordering...and just like everything else, if you don't like one is forcing you to read it!!! (or watch it on tv, or eat it, or smoke it......).


I'm all for it. When do you think Alabama will jump on the band wagon??

San Diego Momma

Yes! Bring the common sense back!

You said it so well...people just don't want to take accountability for their decisions. It's the highest form of denial.

(And I WISH we had a Sonic in San Diego!)

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