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July 25, 2008


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Absurdly Yours

I am soooo jealous of all the alone time you will have next week. Tell the hubby you will make it worth it if he plays hooky!!!!


YAY for having dinner with your online/real friends!! ;-) I can't wait! Did we decide where we are going?

I had ChickFilet for lunch...Chicken Strips Salads are the BEST!

YAY about the job! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! And retirement at 53...AWESOME!




Congrats on the new job! Phoenix...Scottsdale need to go to Don & Charlie's. It is the best Chicago style ribs ever!


Congratulations again on getting the job!

Oh, and... I haven't seen Baby Mama, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall was FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I wish I could go see it again with you.


niiiiice on the week off! enjoy it. no rEAlly enjoy it. but i think you plan to do that anyway. i just like to be bossy.

no actually, i don't. i's jes' tired...


Sounds like this is a great opportunity for you! Congrats.

Enjoy your time off.

Sybil Law

Healthy lunch... hmm.... eat at home?!
The job sounds fantastic, as does the week off! Woohooo!
However, I almost thouhgt, "How did I manage to go back to an old post?!", when I saw your movie choices. Are those two movies still out in theaters?!
I say, "Baby Mama". :)

Jo Beaufoix

Brilliant news sweetie. Well done, and I can't believe I missed Jocelyn turning two. Hope she had a wonderful time.


I'd be happy to help with the background check. ;)

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