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July 15, 2008


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Ok, I laughed until I had tears at Xander saying, "I'm going to sit next to you, you ass." That's hysterical!


I once, at the age, of, maybe 8 or so, informed a whole crowd of people that my father could find a hole, in the dark.
Adults everywhere falling out laughing whilst my mother turned beet red, and started smacking my father.


Oh my Gawd!! These were great...and I'm so sure there are many many more where those came from!!! A couple of summers, my oldest (then, 8yrs. old) got into a spat with his cousin and proceded to call him a "dickhead"...with that the whole family looked my direction!! And then he said, "Well, momma...he IS!!!" gotta love 'em, don't ya?!?! :-D


HOLYCRAP!! That is one funny post!!

Okay, a few months ago we were in the suburban and Ashton saw a fire TRUCK, only he doesn't quite get TRUCK right and says fire _uck. I start to correct him when Katlyn pipes in, "Its fire TRUCK, not _uck brother." He repeats himself and then she does. It went on like that for several minutes before they stopped and asked me what I was laughing about. It was really funny. Thank goodness he can say TRUCK now!!

Okay, my parents came back from a cruise and brought home some virgin pina colada mix and we made it. We had the little umbrellas and everything. The kids loved it. Well, we were in line at the grocery store and Katlyn asks in a very load voice if we can have pina coladas again tonight. Everyone glared at me. I almost died!!

Lori Anderson

OMG! Those are hilarious comments!

My favorite one with my son, when he was about 4 -- we were in line at Barnes and Noble and a toddler was crying, and Zack asked why he was crying. I said, well, why do YOU cry sometimes? And he says, nice and loud, "When I have to go poop."

Deb Legg

OMG! Those are so funny! I know my kids haev done funny things, but I'm laughing so hard over the things your kids said that they have slipped away. It's hell getting old.

Thanks for the laugh!



stranger logging on.

My mom is gay.. i have worked to teach my kids what that means and about love and acceptance.

when my eldest was very little we were walking along and she pointed at this elderly gentleman and just hollered-
"This guy is a lesbian."
i was like no he isn't honey...
and she was like "YEAH HE IS A LESBIAN."

just like grandma.

well turns out he had a hearing aid *just like grandma..* and she had confused the word deaf with lesbian..

It didn't embarrass me though- maybe the old man.
but i dunno i love the things they say..heh


OMG, I'm laughing so hard about the "jack ass" I can just picture it.

I can't remember anything funny or cute my children do because my memory has failed.

Jo Beaufoix

heh heh, those are so funny. Miss M and E have done some classics but the worst ones always involve poo.

The funniest one I heard from someone else's kid was when I was settling Miss E into nursery and this prim little girl told me she was drawing a picture of her Daddy in her Mummy's bra. That one killed me. :D

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