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June 10, 2008


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Jessica Moore

Eric would be all for this idea too. It's totally a man thing. Not that I get it. I prefer to have something on, especially on the couch. But we have a leather couch, and you can stick to it if you're naked. haha And just the idea of other people sitting there after you've been naked on it seems gross. I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling if our kids weren't around we'd be having naked nights too. :)


Hubby would so go for that. Not me, I like to hide those "flaws" (also know as the additional 27 pounds) under some clothes.


I'm a total nudist. I would never wear clothes if i could get away with it. Flabs of fat and all. I wear very little clothing around the house, and sleep naked (I know you ALL wanted that visual of me!)

Hubby on the other hand.. god forbid he NOT wear his underwear... or pj bottoms at the very least.

I am a beautiful woman.. no matter how big I am with or without clothes on.



Being completely honest I can go for a naked day every now and then. Of course, it is more about the fact that I can do it. In order to be naked for a whole day that means no kids. NO KIDS...what it must be like! Hell if I had 1 week of no kids I might go streaking at a baseball game.

Oh remind your co-worker not to fry any bacon sans clothing

Jo Beaufoix

Would you have to cook naked? I mean, there could be spillages. And if you rder take out who has to answer the door? I'd make him. ;)


yeah, not so much here. He always needs at least "skivvies" as he calls them. Even when the child isn't home....


Hmm...I don't know if I could do it. Maybe if the lights were really really dim all day! LOL!

And totally...what about cooking...grease splatters = ouch!!!!


I don't know, but my hubby is the same darn drives me way would there be a naked night at my house, with all kids gone. Sleeping naked, mmmmm....ok, that works, but not sitting around the house. Too weird for me.


Yeah, John would be all over that, too. It doesn't matter how shitty a man looks naked, when he looks in the mirror you know he's thinking he's damn sexy, so why not be naked all the time? (insert rolling eyes here) Me, however, not so much, I'll stay fully clothed thankyouverymuch!


ROFL! Yeah, I've no doubt that majority of husbands in the world would love this idea.

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