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June 23, 2008


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WOW girl....that certainly does sound like a craptastic monday! :( I hope it gets better soon!


but it's all over now!

and yes! i missed you! i meant to say it. i really did. i get sidetracked a lot. i'm blaming the children. they made me do / not do /it.


geez you don't do anything halfway, do you? Glad it is over for you...


Aww. I think your butt is cute.

debbie first...welcome back. Glad to see that you survived the whole camping thing. Looking forward to a "report"!! just wanted you to know that it doesn't make me any less of a friend because I chuckled at your "dressing room misfortune"...I just remember having horrors of that very thing happening (but with a skirt) at Old Navy a couple of years ago!!! You are a brave woman for sharing that with us. Thanks! and thanks for the giggle too!!
(did you have to buy the dress or did the store just write if off?)
Glad you're back!!!

Sybil Law

Thanks for the laugh, though!
That is really funny. :)
Also -glad you're back!


Welcome back!

Thans for the "nightmare" flash back. I had a similiar experience at Sears once. Oh the shame.... lol


Glad to see you are back and in one piece. I have gotten stuck in a top before like that....I actually ripped it when I took it off...I hung it back up and left the store asap. Make sure to posts pics of you in your new dresses.

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