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May 28, 2008


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my poor father had a wife and THREE DAUGHTERS. Yes, we all cycled together.
And he?
would go fishing.
a lot.


oh my yes. I lived in a co-op with 60 girls in college. eeekkkkkk that house sucked big time certain times of the month.


LOL! Yes, it happens! When I worked at Girl Scout Camp over the course of the summer a lot of our cycles would synch up. Too bad for the campers who came the "wrong" week! LOL!


Oh dear! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you all make it through!

It is weird how that happens, huh? Biology is fascinating.

Mary Ann

Isn't that totally bizarre how that works? In college my 3 roommates and I were always on the same schedule. I'll think of the boys in your house. They are in for a rough week. LOL!!


May God grant your husband and sons the ability to know when a)to shut up and leave the room when necessary, b)to give chocolate to you and your daughter at any time of the day c)to not tease about tears and d) to know when a good time is to offer hugs and kisses.
I'll be praying for you all....I wonder if the temples or shrines have charms for this?? I will check next time I go!!! :-D

AAhhhh...Mother Nature...girlfriend has got a sense of humor!!!


It so totally happens...I don't have any girls in my house...just lots of testosterone..but here at the seems like all of us are on the same schedule...I tend to notice our boss (male) is out of the office a lot that week. LOL>...


Holy crap. Good luck to ALL of you!


Oooh your poor men!!! I am seriously dreading the days when my girls are older. Tony says he is going to go fishing for one week at a time, every month! LOL!


oh my BOB i'm now glad the thrower is a boy.


Hahahaha. I warn my husband that my twin (girls) will be going through puberty right about the time I hit menopause.... He should probably go on a three year camping trip.

Jo Beaufoix

That is so true. Mr B will be suffering in 10 years time when there will probably be three of us. At the minute Miss E probably has another 5 or 6 years till she starts, and Miss M 10, but if my girls are anything like me Mr B may move out for two weeks of the month.

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