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May 22, 2008


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Jo Beaufoix

Sounds good to me. Miss m dresses herself and Miss E tidies her room and the lounge every night. Miss M made her first sandwich today, bread and jam and she really enjoyed it. You are a fab mum Lori.


sound nice.....Sugar helps me a lot, but I haven't really given her her own jobs yet....but she does help me with whatever I am doing. :)


Delegation is the key -- I agree one hundred percent. I like to pull the Tom Sawyer routine and make my girls think whatever job I'm doing is too much fun to pass up. I keep waiting for them to catch on, but so far so good! :)


I think that is fantastic Lori! I completely agree, I can't stand some of these kids who sit around playing video games all day and not pitching in at all, whether it is required or not. Chloe does quite a bit for herself, and is good about putting clothes in the hamper. She also transfers the clothes from the washer to the dryer, that is her favorite chore! I can't wait til she is older and I can boss her around more! LOL!

So, do you do allowance? Is their allowance related to how much work they do?

Sybil Law

Nothing wrong with what you're doing, at all! ESPECIALLY because you have such a large household! But all kids should pitch in - period.


you forgot the bit where they bring you the beers you need. this is one of the first things we ever taught queen of hearts. what a glorious day that was.

actually i loved this post, because i was like "oh hey, i'm not crappy, i'm *enabling*!" the thrower already knows how to fill the laundry: tablets, conditioner and all, and helps with a lot of tasks. if only i could get queen of hearts on board with chores. soon. tomorrow.


I really, really need to implement this in my home...I do everything. I need to buckle down on my two youngest and start delegating more...instead of killing myself doing it all. They pick up there toys, try to make their beds, but that is it. Max wants to help more, I just need to get past everything being "perfect" and actually let him.


Mustang Girl does her own laundry, as well, and I am in the process of teaching her how to cook. You are right about just 'expecting' them to function. And not to expect perfection right off the bat. (or, ever). When we are in the new house, I am going to make sure she knows what my expectations are. And I don't think they are out of hand.

Sandy Bradley

You You are raising productive members of society. This is the same way we raised our childen. We helped them realize that it is necessary to help out and that we needed them in our family. Keep up the great work!

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