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April 09, 2008


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Mary Ann

Good for you, making the appointment to set everything up. I am like you. I can't stand thinking about the scenario. But I guess it is good to get it done now so you can have *some* peace of mind.


Glad to hear you are doing this. It is important! It's tough, but a 'must do'. Especially with kids! (hubby & I did ours right after we got married but we dont' have kids!)


Oh my gosh. We totally need to do this. We are so bad. *ugh*

Hope all goes well in your discussions!


Good for you to be doing this. It's so tough but so important. For us it was a hard decision also with the family situation. The kids don't know any of them really since they live so far away. And I can't fathom who could take care of my kids "good enough" to pick. But ultimately you have to pick someone and just hope you never have to use it.


Oh LORI!!! You're reminding me that I was meant to organise this for this week whilst I was on leave from work, and I forgot!!!!
I feel completely and utterly the same way you do about it all (seriously, I am starting to think we are mind twins!! :-D ) especially about "who to leave the kids to". It is so hard.

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