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April 07, 2008


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Jo Beaufoix

oh hon, Xander will settle. It took Miss M about 3 weeks to settle at Nursery, and it was really hard, but she loves it now and can't wait to get there.
When Miss M is at home she doesn't always get the best of me either, or consistency. Xander and Joceyln are getting some fab interaction, and a mummy who is happy and can spend focused quality time with them when she gets home.


great post Lori.


Oh friend. You are one of the MOST amazing mamas I know. I am sure the two wee ones are just going through adjustment pains. I bet the day will come when they cry when they aren't going to school!! ;) I know it must be so hard on everyone right now, but I would just bet things will be rockin' in just the right rhythm in no time!


I hope the kids settle in. Don't judge yourself so harshly! I'm sure it's hard right now, but it will get easier.

Best of luck!


*Hugs* mama. I hear you, especially about someone else raising your kids for...well for us, it's 9 hours a day. But I'm totally with you as far as this: "Someone else is better about getting them on a schedule and interacting with them more." That's so true for us too. And you are a great mom. Don't you forget it!

Sybil Law

I think, no matter what, we're always gonna be wondering if we're doing things "right". If they weren't there, you'd probably wonder eventually if you were a bad mommy for not letting them go to preschool and socialize. You know?!
Good luck. Those strings can HURT!!!


so many hugs mama! I hope that the little struggles soon are behind you and everyone is happy. It isn't easy to adjust....but once you have, it might be better than you even imagined.


Oh girl!!! I am so sorry you are feeling so heartsick. I know those feelings, and it is so hard to deal with. I hope the kiddos fall into a good solid routine soon.

Hugs! I hope you know that you are such a wonderful person and mother!


i am sooo lucky. my boy LOVES his childminder. some days a little *too* much...

you know - my mom was a stay-at-home-mom. and i KNOW i give my kids a LOT more love and attention than she gave me. *that* is what keeps me going. i'm sure it's the same for you. :)

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