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March 24, 2008


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That's wonderful that you are "walking for the cure"! I always participate where ever we are living!! It's such a great cause.

I am VERY impressed with all that you have gotten done!! You have inspired me to do the same. Since we are moving soon I can kill two birds with one stone...


i did this back in hawaii and had a good time. but i was with my best bud in the world, who i now miss. i should go do something like this anyway. kudos to you. and pick me up somethin' nice at costco.


Very cool that you're participating in honor of your friend's mother!

Good luck with all of your cleaning, cooking, and other preparations this week!


Good luck on the walk! Thank you!

You are super busy lady! Glad to hear you will be starting FT with good things in the freezer and a clean house. Bet it feels good.


Pledged! :D

Sybil Law

You even made SOAP?!
God, I suck at life!!!
Seriously - good luck!!! Hope your first week goes well!!!

Sybil Law

Hahahaha Sorry! I really read that as soap!!! I was like, Geez! This chick is hardcore!!!
I mean, you ARE hardcore, but still.
You know what I mean!!!

Jo Beaufoix


And I've got myself myself a reader sorted, (about time), so I'll be around more too, hopefully. Sorry I've been so absent.

Jen M

Good luck with all of your preparations! Have a great time on the race...

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