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February 26, 2008


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Mary Ann

You are such a cool mom. We used to sleep with my mom too when my dad was out of town. Sounds like fun. I have been missing your posts. I totally forgot to change my google reader to your new home. DUH!


I don't CPS responds to complaints that children are eating hot dogs or Cap'n Crunch for dinner. Now, if you were feeding them those blue discs that you're supposed to put in the toilet tank, it'd be worth a call... but not frozen pizza! Not even if you let them eat it still frozen!


Even I love Captain Crunch for dinner!! Is that bad?!?

And TAG! Come to my blog to see what I tagged you for!


That sounds like a nice break. Enjoy!

Sybil Law

Well it SHOULD be a break for you, too!
Go on with your bad self!


niiiiice! funny thing though is my house is cleaner when he's away because


oh wait. the kids. yeah, they do a bit. but they are forgiven.


I am SO the same way when Kyle is gone. AND the same way about weird, too-high expectations for myself that he doesn't have. Crazy.

Love the piling in bed thing! Sounds cozy.


When Mike goes away for business I cook really special meals for K and I... or get fried chicken. Then we eat dinner in bed and go to sleep with the tv on too.

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