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February 24, 2008


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How's Zander? The same thing happened with Nathan one day after his nap and it freaked me out big time. Same type of symptoms. Luckily it went away within about half an hour or so. But try getting them to understand why their leg is buckling when they try and walk. Sure hope he's okay.


I hope Z is ok and it was nothing serious!!

Crossin my fingers on your test and hopefully future job offer!


I hope Xander is ok and it wasn't anything serious. Bug has had leg pain during the night, (either growing pains or from too much running during the day) but he was always able to walk. I'd be very scared if that happened. Hugs to you and the little guy.


How's Xander??


Oh, I hope the poor little guy is okay. It is heartbreaking when you can't fix all their woes, isn't it?

Sybil Law

So what happened?! I wanna know! I also want to know when you hear about the job! i hate tests that are worded so stupidly. I guess that's how they weed out the numbnuts, but still. Sucks.


yikes. i hope the weeks pass quickly for you. the waiting is maddening. the job i started two weeks ago is HIGHLy unusual - i had the job within 24 hours of interview, and was there within the month.

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