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February 19, 2008


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Good Luck tomorrow Lori! I have my fingers crossed it turns out well for you!


Sending you lots of happy test vibes. I hope you do well!

Sybil Law

(I hope I am not too late) - Good luck!!!!! How exciting! I need to find a job like that!

Queen of Shake Shake

Good Luck!


Good luck with the job! Love the new look.


I love the "new" look! Good luck on your test and new job!! Keep us posted on how you do!!!


PS. Jeff LOVED your comment on our blog!! haha


How did you get on with your test, Lori? I hope you get the job, it sounds great! Fingers crossed!


I'm so behind.. hope the test went well, and hope hubby is better and had a good birthday.


oh CRAP! i'm crappy crappy crappy for not updating my link! i totally missed this, and will now get in my time machine go back and wish you luck. or just wish from here that you had good luck on the day. something! i'm sorry lori! i suuuuck!

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