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January 29, 2009


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Sybil Law

That would drive me nuts, too!!! Ugh!!!!
Hope it gets better - somehow!


oh my bob that would be murder. i have the best ever spot in the building. it is back in the corner by the window on the top floor, looking out over the tree-riddled park.

the price?

sitting next to farty-manager-boy.

thankfully, he works from home a couple days a month, and has meetings a lot.

but not enough...

debbie i had a really great (i'm sure!) comment brewing and then i get to the "fart" part and i totally lost it! :-D

Personally...i live in japan and the idea of having "my own space" is pretty much non-existent. how about.... putting a flower on your desk...finding a picture of a window looking out over the beach or something...i would probably spend a lot of time in the handicapped toilet--just to stretch a least you could fart in there!!!
hang in there lori-doo...dare i say that things could be worse?
:-D there could be 4 people in there.....


That would drive me crazy. I was in a 'bullpen' like situation and it was just awful. I sat with my iPod on all day trying to ignore those around me. It got pretty bad to the point, I begged to move to another floor/building. I did get to move, and I'm in a teeny tiny space, but its just me and I get much more done.

I hope this works out and they get smart and get some more space!!

Good Luck!

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