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December 15, 2008


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WOW Lori!!! Noone is going to go hungry in your house (or TOWN by the looks of things!)

It all looks delicious, and the kids are too cute for words!



I love your elves!! Adoreable!

Jessica Moore

Holy crap. You're insane. And yet I'm impressed and a little jealous. I haven't baked a thing this year. Well, that's not true, I made shortbread cookies last week. And I'm gonna make some chex mix this afternoon - not sweet, but it does bake. :)

Wish I was there to come mooch off you. LOL


What cool pics! Those cookies look AMAZING!

Corey~ living and loving

holy cow? what do you do with all that? and what did the cheerios go in...I may want that recipe. LOL

Anglophile Football Fanatic

My Lord! I've never seen that much baking stuff. Nor have I ever baked the equivalent of that much stuff in nearly 10 years of marriage. I'm very impressed.


You are now my new baking idol.. holy cow that is a ton of stuff!! :)

Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma)

Wow! That is awesome!


Love it!! I was hoping we'd get to see pics!


Holy shit woman!


Holy jamoly! Lori I've been thinking of you the past few weeks and now that I'm caught up, I KNEW you would be done shopping and totally Christmased! I'm so impressed!

Trenches of Mommyhood

OMG! You are just too much - do you ever slow down?!

Megan Tietz

WOW!!!! You are so awesome, mama. FREAKING AWESOME.

Jo Beaufoix

Blimey, you're amazing. And Carissa's party was just so brilliant. How do you do it all?


Holy Mother of God! (I was going to say "holy shit", but someone already did and well, I don't like to copy!)
That is amazing!! Is all that for your family or do you make plates to give to neighbors?
In the world of baking for the holidays, you rock!!
I'm bowing down to you!!


HOLY COW!!!! My goodness woman! I baked a couple dozen and was DONE!!!! I have to laugh, Jocelyn had the same job Max did, lol!

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